How to Try New Products at No Cost

body-articleAs the economy forces Americans to tighten our budgets, we’ve had to become creative in cutting corners on our purchases. Premium cable gets downgraded to basic cable, gas guzzling SUV’s get traded in for more eco-friendly models, and so on.

One of the biggest and easiest bills to trim is our grocery bills. We opt for a generic formula instead of the more expensive brand name, or we eliminate pricy organic fruits and vegetables in exchange for buying regular produce in bulk.

For many of us, trying anything new or different can be risky. During these tough times, no one has the money to waste on a product that doesn’t live up to the hype or a service that doesn’t deliver on what it promises.

But, it’s human nature to want to try new things. We see commercials and magazine advertisements and it’s only natural to be tempted by new products and services. And, until recently, there really wasn’t a way you could try them risk-free, without having to make a purchase.

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