What To Say To Deepen The Bond With Your Partner

body-articleThere are so many motivational sayings couples can exchange to deepen their bond. “I love you” is certainly one of them. But perhaps an even more important one is, “I love you unconditionally.”

So what is unconditional love?

Simply put, it’s the kind of love that comes without conditions.

It happens when you both cut those strings of “ifs” and “buts” from your declarations of love, like, “I’d love you more if you were a better driver” or “I love you, but I hate the fact that you never pick your clothes up off the floor!”

These aren’t motivational sayings that will draw you closer. In fact, they imply that your love comes at a price. And if your partner isn’t willing to pay it, there’ll be limits to the depth of your intimacy. Unconditional love means accepting each other, warts and all.

In the early stages of a relationship, flaws and little issues are masked. You’re both basking in the glow of new love and often choose—consciously or unconsciously—not absorb the little things that might bother you about your partner in the long run. For many couples, this “Hollywood” view of love has a limited lifespan. Eventually real life sets in . . . and it magnifies those aggravations, annoyances and mini-battlegrounds that drive a wedge between you.

The best way to evolve to motivational sayings like, ”I love you unconditionally” is self-acceptance. Rather than picking your partner apart, remember that no one is perfect, including you.

You both have faults. You both make mistakes. And that’s okay. To achieve true, mutual unconditional love, you must mutually acknowledge that no one’s perfect and refuse to allow that lack of perfection to negatively impact your relationship. This self-acceptance can strengthen you as a couple if you accept that unconditional love can help overcome your mutual faults.

According to SaveMyMarriageToday.com, “We all clutter our lives with trials and tribulations, and there is the temptation to let our issues rule our lives . . . You need to put the clutter to one side and let your unconditional love come through. It is okay to have faults and make mistakes.”

Then the best motivational sayings you’ll find yourselves exchanging will be, “I love you unconditionally.”